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Wise Coatings installs floor coatings in garages, warehouses and showrooms that last a lifetime. Unlike traditional epoxy floors that yellow, crack and become brittle over time, our PolyWise floors never yellow and are 4x more flexible and durable than traditional epoxy floors.
Our turnkey model is ideal for an aspiring entrepreneur in the home services industry, and offers an in-demand, specialty construction installation for residential, commercial and industrial clients.




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Over the past years, we’ve refined our business model to guide franchisees to optimized systems and a fulfilling lifestyle. As we set our sights on nationwide expansion, we’re looking for qualified and purpose-driven prospects to join the Wise Coatings family.
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We support each Wise Coatings franchisee with best-in-class training along with operational and marketing resources to help you realize your dream of owning a successful floor coatings franchise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you can even begin to think about opening a franchise, you need to have a firm understanding of the start up costs. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. You can learn more about what it would be like to partner with Wise Coatings!

Research shows that there are several benefits to owning a franchise. For example, franchises have a higher success rate than independent businesses and tend to be more profitable. Franchises also tend to offer more support than independent businesses, providing access to proven systems, marketing resources, and training. In addition, franchises tend to have better name recognition and closer relationships with suppliers. As a result, owning a franchise can provide a number of advantages over starting an independent business. Of course, it’s important to choose the right franchise, one that is a good fit for your skills and interests. But if you do your homework, owning a garage flooring franchise can be a great way to achieve your business goals.

Absolutely! The epoxy flooring sector is growing at a rapid rate due to its low-cost and high durability. Over the past decade, the residential market for epoxy flooring has increased substantially due to an increase in demand for aesthetically pleasing options for kitchens and garage floors. Commercial businesses also find great value in using epoxy flooring because it can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme temperatures, and chemical spills with relative ease, making it ideal for warehouses and other industrial areas.

Thank you to Concrete Coatings All Year for sharing this information with us!

Yes, an epoxy flooring business can be a very profitable venture. Epoxy flooring is becoming increasingly popular due to its durability, waterproof features, and affordability. In commercial settings such as auto body shops and warehouses, this allows businesses to have a long-term solution for their floors that requires minimal maintenance costs. Additionally, its decorative properties lend itself well to residential settings which often results in increased profit margins.

According to the Flooring Contractors Association, epoxy flooring is in high demand due to its durability and versatility. It is a type of flooring material made up of plastic resins that are applied over concrete or other base layers. This forms a dense, hard surface that offers superior protection against wear and tear, water damage, staining, dirt accumulation, and more. Additionally, epoxy floors come in a variety of colors and designs which make them highly customizable for any application.

Epoxy flooring can be used in industrial and commercial spaces like warehouses, factories, retail stores as well as residential premises including garages or walkways. Due to the strength it provides coupled with the attractive appearance it’s easy to see why its popularity continues to grow in recent years.